25 years together

Tecna celebrates its first 25 years of activity as an integral part of Eurofins Technologies.

Now, fully included into the new multinational dimension, Tecna works alongside international partners with whom it shares the grit, curiosity, orientation to progress and innovation, the ambition and determination needed to offer to the food supply chain reliable and inexpensive analytical kits.

By virtue of this progress, Tecna today has the right preparation to offer to its customers the opportunity to access a complete catalog for the execution of a wide range analyses on water, food and environmental contaminants determination.

Our technologies at your service

Why choose Tecna?

Our distinctive approach consists in making available to our customers different technological platforms which, combined with a high quality support service, favor the most suitable choice related to own analytical needs.

Indeed, the continuous study and the natural vocation to research of our team has allowed, over the years, to develop and to improve:

- Lateral flow kits, or strips,  for a quick and extremely simple analysis,

- ELISA microplate kits, now available in different formats, with physical or virtual curves, suitable for all analytical volumes,

- PCR kits, for the detection of pathogens, GMOs, and food frauds management,

- Profilo, flexible, reliable and economical multiplex system for the simultaneous analysis of multiple contaminants in a single sample,

- Immunoaffinity columns, for sample purification before instrumental analysis.


Tecna is more than a list of kits.

Since the beginning, our mission was to supply customers with comprehensive analytical solutions, including accessories, training, start-up services and customer care.

We do believe that food and feed industries need a reliable partner for a proper risk management of chemical contaminants monitoring. We encourage and assist small and medium companies in starting their own laboratory through our experience.

We offer our science for the quality of your results. 


Season's greeting from Tecna

Season's greeting from Tecna

Sincere good wishes of happy holidays from all our work group! May this moment of pause allow you to recharge your batteries for the next exciting year together! For Tecna the balance is extraordinarily positive, and for this we have to thank all those who have confirmed their trust in us. From all of us, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Today DON analysis is also solvent free: discover the new ELISA kits from Eurofins Tecna

Today DON analysis is also solvent free: discover the new ELISA kits from Eurofins Tecna

The company catalog doubles itself: after the historic ELISA kits of Celer and BZERO lines, which proposed a sample preparation equal to all the other mycotoxins based on the use of methanol, today we propose a new pair of ELISA kits for the analysis of the deoxynivalenol which does not require the use of any solvent in the preparation of the sample. A proposal designed to protect the environment and operators.

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