A new business

Tecna has been developing, producing and selling screening test kits for the analysis of chemical contaminants in foods and feed since 1994.

In 2016 the company joined Eurofins Technologies, a novel network of excellent companies set all around the world. The group is actually a fast growing, global provider of diagnostic test kits, consumables and instruments in the fields of bioanalytical testing for the food, feed, environmental, biopharma, and clinical industries. The catalogue portfolio is now including screening solutions for: 

  • Allergens
  • Foodborne Pathogens
  • GMOs
  • Mycotoxins
  • Pesticides
  • Acrylammide
  • Veterinary Drugs Residues
  • Animal Species and food frauds
  • Veterinary Diagnostics
  • Environmental & Water Testing.

This novel era of Tecna as a part of a multi-national crew is lead by Dr. Tatiana Sukhikh, that assumed the CEO role in January 2019. 

Our innovations

We have been developed immunoassays in a number of formats for almost thirty years. Along the way, we have deeply changed the aspect of microplate ELISAs, deleting the calibration curve and introducing the concept of master-curve. Thanks to the stability of our reagents, quantitative results are obtained with no need to spend any determination for controls or calibrators, thanks to the availability of batch-related mean master-curves. This options drammatically cuts the costs of the analysis and enables also small companies to afford the analysis.

Now we are proud to announce the launch of two completely revolutionary platforms.

Chorus is an automatic system of ELISA cartridges handling. It fixes all the issues related to common ELISA robots and brings ELISAs to a novel level of easyness. 

Profilo is a multiplex flexible system for the detection of a number of contaminants at a time in one single sample. 


Tecna is more than a list of kits.

Since the beginning, our mission was to supply customers with comprehensive analytical solutions, including accessories, training, installation services and customer care.

We do believe that food and feed industries need a reliable partner for a proper risk management of chemical contaminants monitoring. We encourage and assist small and medium companies in starting their own laboratory through our experience. We offer our science for the quality of your results. 


Glyphosate: a controversial matter

Glyphosate: a controversial matter

Eurofins Technologies provides a complete offer for the analysis of chemical contaminants in foods, water and soil. Contact us for more information on ELISA and Lateral Flow kits for the glyphosate control.

Three options for the gluten analysis

Three options for the gluten analysis

Eurofins Technologies offers a full range of food allergen ELISA test kits which reliably detect the presence of potential allergens caused by cross-contaminations. The offer includes three different ELISA test kits for the gluten analysis based on R5 Codex Alimentarius recommended antibody - one sensitive kit, with 1.5 ppm gluten LOD, one fast kit and one kit for the detection of hydrolyzed gluten.

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