ELISA cartridges robot

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Robot for the automatic implementation of immunoassays in cartridges. Compatible with the ELISA kits in cartridges of the Chorus TOX line. 




Walk away system able to handle up to 30 different analyses per time. Cartridges are inserted in the carousel and recognised through their barcodes. The machine automatically arranges the assay according to the information included in the barcode and calculates the concentration of each sample by means of each batch-related master curve. Results are printed in the final report at the end of the session. 

  • No reagent manipulation, dilution, evaporation is required, thanks to the all-inclusive cartridge format of the ELISA assays
  • There is no need of extra reagents volumes
  • There is no need to validate / adjust protocols, since the machine comes as an integrated platform of robot, software and assays 
  • Error free system: no bottle positioning mismatch is possible
  • Extremely cost-effective analysis, thanks to the fact that no calibrators are supposed to be run apart from the zero standard - whose intensity can be stored for a number of sessions!
  • Consistent results are obtained along the whole carousel - no drift



  • Length 17.7 in / 45 cm
  • Height 19.7 in / 50 cm
  • Depth 27.6 in / 70 cm
  • Weight 99 lb / 45 kg

Filter: 450 nm.

Display: 6'' STN colour display, 320 x 240 pix.

Software: built-in user friendly software managed by the touch-screen display.

Printer: incorporated thermal printer (832 dots/line).

Last update

December 2018