LFD reading system

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The LAB LFD READING SYSTEM enables an easy and rapid read-out of the Smart Strip test kits for mycotoxins analysis.

The system is composed by the following items:

  • Smart Strip Scanner (code LT904). It is a flat, light laboratory compact scanner for the colorimetric measurement of lateral flow lines.
  • Smart Soft (code LT910). It is Tecna user-friendly programme that manages the read-out of Smart Strip. 
  • Multi-strip frame (code LT903). This s a dedicated adapter for 5 cassettes positioning. 
  • Notebook (code AT600) - optional. It is a proper, light computer to be connected to the scanner. 

It is possible to customize the offer depending on specific needs and combine the reading system with a suitable mini centrifuge that is recommended to prepare the sample. 

The available packages are: 

Code Description Package LT905 Package LT907 Package LT908 Package LT909
LT904 Smart Strip Scanner X X X X
LT910 Smart Soft X X X X
LT903 Multi-strip frame X X X X
AT600 Notebook X X    
PC001 Mini centrifuge   X   X


Smart Printer ...... code LT705

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December 2018