A "green" version of Smart Soft is available for download

We would like to start a rational task to reduce the paper waste. Starting in 2019, we are removing a printed component from Smart Strip kits boxes. We are asking to our gentle customers to download the novel release of our software for lateral flow. With such novel version no printed datamatrix will be necessary anymore.

Every single kit we produce does need a proper packaging. 
Every single kit contains a number of necessary documents, such as instructions for users and the conformity certificate.
What do these consideration mean? A huge volume of paper and cardboard is consumed every year, every month, every week in Tecna, even if we have already embraced the policy not to add any advertising additional paper material inside the kits. 
What shall we do hence to reduce the paper waste?
The Chief Executive Officer, The Chief Technical Officer and the Production Manager decided to move in 2019 through the digitalization of one of the components of Smart Strip lateral flow kits. The datamatrix is a barcode that brings a number of information related to each Smart Strip kit batch, calibration included. It is mandatory to read it once per lot. At the moment, it is supplied inside each kit box, printed on a businesscard. This means that when a customer buys 10 boxes of the same kit batch, it is sufficient to have the first datamatrix read at first: the remaining 9 businesscards are simply to be thrown away. 
In 2019 we are deleting the datamatrix from the kits.
It does not share the same function of the instructions, that could turn to be useful during the assay, when the analyst does not have a computer available. It has to be used only when the PC is actually available, and for this reason we are going to provide it in digital format only. 
What should our customers do?
First download the new release of Smart Soft. The newest version enables the acquisition of datamatrix as files instead of requiring a printed one. As soon as digital datamatrix will be available you will be able to download them directly from this website, at the bottom of the page of each product. Register to download it and... don't print! Store it on your PC and import the file in the new software as soon as you start using a new batch.

Our customer care team is at your disposal for any support should you need during this transition. You can ask for Francesco, Valeria, Maria Giovanna and Giulia or write an email to Support.ET.trieste@eurofins.com

It's just a first, small step for us.
Thank you!