Chorus Tox

Tecna is proud to announce the launch of a revolutionary concept of ELISA robot: Chorus is an innovative walk-away automatic analyzer of immunoassays in cartridge format. The idea is to provide a flexible, cost effective and really easy to use instrument that comes together with already validated immunoassays. The unicity of this system is the novel ELISA format, that converts the classic kit made of plate and liquid reagents into all-in-one cartridges, thus avoiding any manipulation!

ELISA automation is frequently demanded by food and feed industries and laboratories that routinely manage a certain number of samples for different parameters. Simplification, results standardization, mistake reduction are the main goals, mixed with the expectation to free the analysts.

The available ELISA robots are not always succeeding in fulfilling these requirements, since their capability of managing complex sessions depends on proper reagents positioning – with sufficient excess of liquids – and good protocols validation in order to avoid  any drift matter. De facto, to “walk-away” is rarely possible.

Chorus Food is a novel platform of integrated robot, software and kits in a unique format. While common ELISA kits contain the plate and the liquid reagents in several vials, Chorus kits are based on all-inclusive cartridges, including one reaction well, one loading slot for the sample and pre-sealed container with sufficient reagents. Once the sample extract is pipetted in its loading slot, the cartridge is  placed in the machine carousel and automatically recognized thanks to its barcode. The robot manages up to 30 determinations with no extra manual work, in a complete walk-away mode, providing at the end of the session the printed report. Quantitative results are obtained by calculating the ratio between the sample absorbance and memorized zero standard absorbance and interpolating this relative signal on a virtual batch-related master-curve. Therefore, no cartridges have to be spent for calibrators apart for the zero standard, whose value can be stored for many sessions.

Chorus Tox is the first line of cartridges kits for the quantitative analysis of aflatoxin B1, fumonisins, zearalenone and deoxynivalenol in cereals and feed, with an assay time of 30 – 60 minutes and the following Limits of Detections: 1 ppb aflatoxin B1, 750 ppb fumonisins, 10 ppb zearalenone and 200 ppb deoxynivalenol.

Consistent results were obtained when the whole carousel was loaded with mixed assays, no drift was observed indeed. Repeated measurements of the same extract in one session always led a dosage CV < 10%. Good accuracy  was obtained by analyzing several Reference Materials: the mean recovery on maize was 99±18% (n = 36), 104±24% (n = 36), 84±16% (n = 36) and 103±19% (n = 48) for aflatoxin B1, zearalenone, fumonisin and deoxynivalenol respectively. On wheat materials, the mean recovery was 103±10% (n = 15) and 109±14% (n = 30) for zearalenone and deoxynivalenol; while the analysis of feed with the cartridge for aflatoxin B1 led to a mean recovery of 111±13%. This product line will be soon improved with a kit for total aflatoxins, one for ochratoxin A and one for T2 /HT2 toxin and will become hence a  real multiplex automatic solution.

Chorus platform is available for testing: a tour has begun through Italy, but we are willing to export this machine all around the world. Are you interested in evaluating it? Contact Francesco, Valeria, Giulia, Maria Giovanna at!