Letter from our CEO

Tecna new website reflects the novel company placement in Eurofins Technologies group. It is an opportunity to Tecna to reach new market segments, bringing its experience and its technologies to a novel level. Together with Ingenasa, Immunolab, Abraxis, Amar, GeneScan and Gold Standard Diagnostics we are able to offer a comprehensive range of kits for Food Pathogens, Allergens, GMOs, Mycotoxins, Veterinary Drugs Residues and Animal Species analysis.

I do expect an amazing 2019. 

The new website reflects Tecna positioning in Eurofins Technologies, and includes a number of new products and services. We have a comprehensive port-folio of high quality kits for the analysis of food, feed, water, environment and animal diseases for our domestic market, and offer worldwide Tecna technologies through a competitive network area managers, local distributors and salesmen. 

Our aim is to support our customers all around the world with our experience and provide reliable solutions to industries and laboratories performing screening analysis in the food and feed safety field.

Tecna is not becoming hence a kits shop. Following Maurizio Paleologo first vision, our aim is to maintain and improve the quality of our technical service, supporting our final clients with:

  • Start up and laboratory arranging 
  • ELISA base trainings
  • Advanced ELISA trainings, with focus on validation, QC and EQA Management, accreditation.
  • Analytical services throughout our Eurofins network
  • Scientific collaborations and joint projects
  • Customized services and products
  • Workshops and masterclasses.

I am very grateful to Maurizio for his incredible work. He founded Tecna 25 years ago and now he is leaving the company in a novel exciting era. I feel confident for the future since Tecna has a strong history and well structured organization itself, and since we are facing the future in a very good company. 

Let me welcome you all to our brand new website. 

Let me invite you all to be a part of our future. 


Tatiana Sukhikh

Chief Executive Officer