Three options for the gluten analysis

Eurofins Technologies offers a full range of food allergen ELISA test kits which reliably detect the presence of potential allergens caused by cross-contaminations. The offer includes three different ELISA test kits for the gluten analysis based on R5 Codex Alimentarius recommended antibody - one sensitive kit, with 1.5 ppm gluten LOD, one fast kit and one kit for the detection of hydrolyzed gluten.

Food industries must rely on accurate, sensitive, flexible screening methods to manage the risk of accidental contamination of products with gluten residues. Being a part of Eurofins Technologies, Tecna is able to offer a triplete of ELISA kits for the analysis of gluten in foods and beverages: 

The above mentioned immunoassays are based on the Codex Alimentarius approved R5 monoclonal antibody. 

To complete the offer, Tecna is also able to provide a fast lateral flow device for fast field / surface tests. Results are available in less then 15 min, the kits are extremely easy to use, without any lab equipment. 

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