Today DON analysis is also solvent free: discover the new ELISA kits from Eurofins Tecna

The company catalog doubles itself: after the historic ELISA kits of Celer and BZERO lines, which proposed a sample preparation equal to all the other mycotoxins based on the use of methanol, today we propose a new pair of ELISA kits for the analysis of the deoxynivalenol which does not require the use of any solvent in the preparation of the sample. A proposal designed to protect the environment and operators.

The control of the chain production starts with a careful risk assessment: what is, or what are, the most problematic mycotoxins for product group treating by a company? When the risk is multiple, it is advisable to choose an analytical system which allows to prepare the sample only once and use the same preparation on several methods. This is the case of the historic ELISA kits of Celer and BZERO lines. These are simple, fast and cheap ELISA kits that share the same methanol diluted in water sample preparation. The extracting solution has the ability to extract all the toxins present from the matrix, and therefore the same preparation obtained from a single sample can be analyzed for deoxynivalenol, for aflatoxins, for ochratoxin, zearalenone, fumonisins and T2 toxin.

But when the risk is higher for a single toxin, such as deoxynivalenol, it is important to offer to the workers in the sector an analytical system that does not unnecessarily expose them to the contact with the solvent. Thanks to the water solubility of vomitoxin it is, in fact, possible to extract the molecule from the sample without using methanol.

This is why Tecna is pleased to expand its product portfolio with the new ELISA H2DON and BZERO H2DON kits.

These are two fast (20 minutes), quantitative, sensitive immunoenzymatic assays in microplates (200 ppb detection limit), with a wide measuring range (up to 8 ppm), accurate and precise. To obtain the dose of deoxynivalenol in the sample, it is necessary to homogenize and finely grind it, collect a 50g portion, add 250 ml of water containing 10% sodium chloride, NaCl, shake vigorously for three minutes, filter and dilute a small amount of filtrate in water.

What is the difference between the two kits?

ELISA H2DON kit contains five calibrators, at concentrations of 0; 0.2; 0.5; 2; 8 ppm. At each analytical session the operator implements the curve, dedicating a well for each calibration solution. After the curve, he will use a well for each of his samples. In this way there is the full control of the session, as it can compare the calibration curve with the assay specifications given in the instruction booklet and with the conformity certificate information contained in the kit.

B ZERO H2DON kit uses the same reagents as H2DON kit, but the calibrators are not included in the kit and should not be loaded. The dosage curve is in fact virtually supplied in the kit certificate and can be used for the entire shelf-life of the product for the calculation of the sample dose. In this case, the analyst must to load, at each work session, a well for the zero standard (blank, non-contaminated reference solution) and a well for each of the samples to analyze, saving all the wells he would normally have to dedicate for calibrators - quite a saving!

What is the performance of H2DON?

The kit has already been validated on whole grain maize, wheat and durum wheat. A performance data sheet is available with the results obtained by our researchers regarding the definition of specificity, sensitivity, accuracy and precision.

Tecna has also participated in the first proficiency test on maize matrix organized by the company Test Veritas. The sample, naturally contaminated for DON, had an assigned value of 851.29 ppb of vomitoxin. The value found by Tecna and provided to the organization is 920 ppb, which corresponds to a recovery of 108% and a z-score of 0.40! An excellent result!

Our researchers are currently finalizing tests on barley, rice and corn gluten meal in these days.

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Giulia Rosar