SENSISpec INgezim Gluten Quick

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The assay is based on the “R5” Monoclonal Antibody, which is specific for proteins from wheat, rye and barley. The Limit of Detection of the assay of 3 ppm (mg/kg)  of gluten is lower than the limits established by the Codex Alimentarius. 


ELISA test kit for the quantitative detection of gluten (gliadin) residues in foodstuffs


96 determinations ...... code AL560

Assay principle

Microplate sandwich enzyme immunoassay.

Analysable samples

Raw and cooked food

Detection limit

3 ppm

Sample preparation

No 2-mercaptoethanol additive is required. The sample preparation is based on a simple extraction buffer or ethanol dilution. 

A special extraction procedure should be used for samples containing chocolate, and for environmental (swab) samples. Please contact

Assay time

60 minutes

Last update

December 2018