Mycotoxins are secondary metabolites of fungi that are capable of causing disease and death in humans and animals. For this reason, a number of local and international regulations fixed maximum levels or advisable limits of those most dangerous toxins in different food and feed ingredients. 

Farmers, warehouses, breeders, food and feed industries need rapid, reliable, cost-effective screening tools to verify the quality of their products and ingredients. Public and private third party laboratories do also demand for flexible, robust, accurate and sensitive kits to manage their routine samples prior performing expensive and time-consuming instrumental verifications. 

Tecna is able to meet different requirements through a comprehensive portfolio of kits, including:

  • Smart Strip line of lateral flow devices | those rapid, easy to use strip tests to perform the very first controls. Our tests are available in different size formats and use an extremely flexible, cost effective and smart multiple reader. 
  • B ZERO line of master-curve calibrated ELISAs | fast microplate immunoassays with no need to run any calibrator apart the zero standard. This product line provides the highest value per sample at the lowest price ever and meets the necessities of small and medium-small companies dealing with a few analysis per session. 
  • Celer line of fast ELISAs | 15-20 minutes microplate immunoassays with five standards to be run. Implementing the calibration curve could be a value for those requiring specifications for the quality control of each session. A novel certificate is available for the verification of the proper curve positioning. 
  • I'screen line of high sensitivity ELISAs | robust, reliable, sensitive ELISA kits for aflatoxin, ochratoxin and fumonisin.
  • Profilo multiplex ELISA-spot array | when searching for more contaminants per sample it is worthy to have a mutianalitical tool. Tecna is proud to launch a novel flexible, cost-effective and easy to use platform of immunoarray assays to detect up to five different mycotoxins per sample at a time.