Celer AFLA B1

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ELISA test kit for the quantitative detection of aflatoxin B₁.


96 determinations...... code MA220

Assay principle

Microplate competitive enzyme immunoassay.

Analysable samples

Cereals (corn, sorghum), High moisture corn, Silage and mash, Feed, Nuts (hazelnuts, pistachios, peanuts, almonds), Dried fruits (raisins, figs), DDGS ("Distillers"), Cottonseed, Soy, Soybean meal.

Detection limit

1 ppb (for all the matrices)

Assay time

15 minutes

Sample preparation

Grinding, methanol - water extraction, filtration.

For Silages and mash: pH adjustment of the methanol extracts.

For Cottonseed: grinding and homogenization, methanol - water extraction, sedimentation.


Aflatoxin B₁        100%

Aflatoxin B₂        5%

Aflatoxin G₁       19%

Aflatoxin G₂       < 1%

Last update

June 2019