Advanced ELISA training

The training is addressed to technicians that have already attended the base course and operators of laboratories focused on chemical contamination in food and feed. The course is theoretical and deals with the main aspects of the evaluation, validation, accreditation and performance monitoring of immunodiagnostic test kits. Regulatory aspects could be discussed as well. 

Lecture notes will be given at the end of the lesson.


Advanced ELISA training




The training does not need any dedicated laboratory room. It could be arranged in Tecna, Loc. Padriciano 99, 34149 Trieste (TS) - I at Area Science Park, R3 building or in another facility.

General program (1 day only)

How to evaluate and choose an ELISA test kit

How to validate 

How to certificate

How to monitor the performance through IQC and EQA.

Final verification and discussion


Francesca Diana, PhD, is Tecna R&D manager. She has a deep knowledge of immunoassays development, stabilization, validation and industrialization and a number of publications.

Francesco Gon is Tecna product specialist. He started in Tecna in 2011 as a researcher and built his experience and know-how through both ELISA and lateral flow development and validation. In 2017 he was the head of production team and deepened his knowledge in relation to IQC program verifications. Now he leads the team of specialists dedicated to the customer assistance and is in charge for the EQA of Tecna products. 

Valeria Bassani is a biologist with 15 years experience in Customer Care and Technical Assistance. She spent also 2 years in Tecna R&D laboratory and got the opportunity to deepen her knowledge in relation to ELISA troubleshooting. 

Giulia Rosar is Tecna Product and Marketing Manager. After graduation in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology she joint the R&D laboratory where she learnt about immunochemical kit development and validation. She was the project leader of Profilo development and now she is in charge for communication, marketing and product management. 

External teachers could be invited from private and public laboratories as well as from official verification bodies to offer an external point of view and share their direct experience.

Attendance certificate

Tecna provides an attendance certificate to the participants.